Jonas Sommer, BSc

I am a Nature Conservation student at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, but originally I am from Germany. I was lucky enough to see many different places around the world throughout my studies and I feel at home wherever I have good company and the outdoors to explore.

I love working with animals directly in the Wilderness, but I am also very passionate about educating people about Wilderness and showing them how beautiful and important areas are, where humans leave nature to itself. I have worked for an NGO in the Himalayas, a Nature park in Germany and a research station in South Africa, exploring different aspects of conservation and enjoying my time everywhere.

As a passionate European, the EWS and IVY volunteer program are the perfect next station for me. Here I can combine work in conservation and bringing people in Europe closer together. I addition, I can spend half a year in the beautiful town of Tamsweg in the middle of the Alps. I found the announcement on the Facebook page of the EWS in May and was already in Tamsweg by the end of June.

As an IVY volunteer for the Interreg Centralparks project, I am working to intensify transboundary cooperation in the Carpathians. The project focuses on improving management, nature conservation and local development in the Carpathian region.

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