The International Wilderness Week schedule is now available!

The long-awaited International Wilderness Week is starting next Monday at 6:00 Central European Time! Our team is very excited and is working hard to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for all of the participants. Today, we share with you the full schedule of the most exciting online Wilderness celebration. Look through it, choose your top picks and do not forget to register to be able to listen in!

The International Wilderness includes more than 50h of content from 80 presenters from all continents. Get access to all of it with only one click and a small donation of € 20,-

Great variety of presenters and topics

The International Wilderness Week is unique because of the wide array of presenters and topics it will cover. We will have more than 80 presenters, which come from all 6 continents and 28 countries: China, Australia, Indonesia, Cameroon, India, Nepal, Russia, Slovakia, Kenya, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa, Slovenia, Palestine, USA, Ecuador, Paraguay, Galapagos, and Mexico. Eventually, this will sum up to 10 hours of content every day! We will cover topics ranging from Wilderness philosophy to ecotourism; from Wilderness education to conservation career advise; from conservation projects in Latin America to Wilderness research in Siberia. Finally, we will explore Wilderness around the world by watching exclusive documentaries from the wildest corners of the Earth.

With such wide variety of topics and presenters, every participant will find something to their taste, no matter age, occupation or nationality! If you are interested in the natural world and work that is done to protect it – the International Wilderness Week is perfect for you!

Highlights for 19th of October, Monday

  • 6:30 CET time “Environmental Ethics” by Gao Shan, China.
  • 8:30 CET time “Conservation Through Ecotourism in Borneo, Indonesia” by Indah Sartika Sari, conservationist in West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia.
  • 10:00 CET time “History of Wilderness in Europe” by Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman and Wilderness Director at European Wilderness Society. He will present how the Wilderness movement in Europe has started and how European Wilderness Quality Standard was created.
  • 14:00 CET time “Wilderness: an anthropologist’s point of view” by Maria Benciolini, Project Manager at Eliante. Maria will discuss the relativity of the concepts “nature” and “wilderness” and how people around the world relate to what we call “nature” or “wilderness” in a totally different way.
  • 18:00 CET time “Nature conservation in Ecuador” by Jocotours Ecuador team. They will take us to most beautiful places of Ecuador and explain how conservation and tourism can work together.

Highlights for 20th of October, Tuesday

  • 6:30 CET time “Factors influencing the habitat use of owls in a mosaic landscape in Garo Hills, North-eastern India” by Sangeeth Sailas, Master’s student at Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON).
  • 13:30 CET time Conservation Careers Adviceby Nick Askew, Founder and director of Conservation Careers. During his talk he will share with us the “Golden Rule”, the biggest mistakes people make in their conservation job hunt and how to avoid them. He will also answer questions from the audience!
  • 15:30 CET time “Wildlife Forensics Academy” by Andro Vos, founder and CEO Wildlife Forensic Academy, South Africa.
  • 17:00 CET time “Wildlife rescue center in Paraguay” by Marta Villasán Barroso, Fauna & Vida.
  • 17:30 CET time “Galapagos Whale Shark Project” by Jonathan Green, Project Founder & Director at Galapagos Whale Shark Project

Highlights for 21st of October, Wednesday

  • 6:30 CET time “School students participation in Wildlife Education in India” – Mahesh Sanzgiri, School principal. Together with his students, Dr. Sanzgiri will do a live workshop and discussion about Wilderness.
  • 11:00 CET time Documentary “The Ancient Woods” followed by discussion with the author Mindaugas Survila, Lithuania.
  • 17:00 CET time “The future of US Wilderness” by John Hausdoerffer, environmental philosopher, teacher, organizational founder, and writer at University of Western Colorado.
  • 19:00 CET time Documentary “The meaning of Wild” followed by discussion with the author Ben Hamilton.

Highlights for 22nd of October, Thursday

  • 6:30 CET time “Nepalese Endemic Bat – Research aspects and conservation need” by Sanjeev Baniya, REWILD Institute Nepal.
  • 8:30 CET time “Inside the Pit – How soil texture affects antlion pit dimensions” – Arjit Jere, Azim Premji University.
  • 12:00 CET time “Return of the Mura dragon” by Polona Pengal and Jan Potočnik Erzin, REVIVO Institute.
  • 15:30 CET time “Owl & Bat Conservation in Southern Africa” by Jonathan Haw, director at EcoSolutions.
  • 17:00 CET time “Past, current and future research at Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Center” by Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Center scientists.

Highlights for 23rd of October, Friday

  • 7:00 CET time “Far East taiga Wilderness” by Vladimir Bocharnikov, Leading Researcher at North Pacific Biodiversity Information Assessment and Conservation Program.
  • 10:30 CET time “Wolf Conservation and Eco-Health Management in Majella National Park, Italy” by Simone Angelucci, Head of Department of Majella National Park.
  • 11:30 CET time “Researching and protecting Wilderness in times of conflict and pandemics” by Mazin Qumsiyeh, Professor and researcher at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities.
  • 14:00 CET time “Wilderness Well-being” by Jo Roberts, CEO of Wilderness Foundation, Outdoor Therapist, Nature Advocate.
  • 17:00 CET time “The Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley, Mexico: natural and cultural richness” by Tania Garrido-Garduño, Professor of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

The International Wilderness Week will be a great event, bringing Wilderness enthusiasts together even during these difficult times. I hope that connections made during this conference will flourish and many new conservation initiatives will be created. I also hope that the event will inspire people to love Wilderness and care for it more!

Jonas Sommer
Main organizer of the International Wilderness Week

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