Webinar: How vital ecosystems support the public – the example of the Vienna Woods

The Forestry and Agriculture Department of the City of Vienna is in charge of about 30,000 ha of forest area. The sustainable protection of these habitats and the important livelihoods of the Viennese population associated with them is a top priority. In this way, the forestry service makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that Vienna is and remains a liveable city. However, functioning ecosystems that guarantee ecosystem services necessary for people are increasingly under threat. On 11th of May 2021 at 14:00, Hannes Berger, Director of Forestry Administration of the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald in German), will hold a Webinar to elaborate this topic further.

Future challenges with practical solutions

It is undisputed that a high degree of biological diversity is necessary for vital ecosystems that support fauna and flora, as well as people. Also, systems with high levels of biodiversity are resilient to expected future changes. These changes include climate change and the introduction of new invasive species.

Many of Vienna’s forests in the three provinces of Vienna, Lower Austria and Styria do not meet the required level of diversity and, thus, resilience, due to historical management. However, the development and implementation of principles of management focused on resilience and closeness to nature supports the path from monotony to diverse, near-natural forests. The preservation and especially the improvement of resilience guarantees the maintenance of a variety of services of public interest (drinking water, climate protection, recreation).

In a webinar on the 11th of May 2021 at 14:00 in German, as part of the project Multiperspektivischer Blick auf die Biodiversität im Wald, you will learn more about how ecosystems can be managed and their effects ensured by sustainably minimizing the use of energy and raw materials. It will be held by Hannes Berger, Director of Forestry Administration of the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald in German). All under the motto ecology is the “new” economy. He will also show how this form of management can be a model for businesses, if other ecosystem services (such as carbon storage) should get an attractive market besides the ecosystem service of wood production.

The management of urban forests requires a different perspective and thus more differentiated action, outside the forestry mainstream.

Hannes Berger
Director of Forestry Administration of the Vienna Woods 

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