WildArt Plein Art Event in Synevyr starts today

Today our WildArt Plein Air Event in the National Nature Park in Synevyr, Western Ukraine, finally starts! The Ukranian Wilderness will inspire ten international artists during the next five days. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of the project ‘Areas of Inspiration’, funded by the Creative Europe programme.

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Wilderness as inspiration

Ten artists from all over Europe, Janin Salzger, Jan Botek, Ruslan Gleb, Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek, Svetlana Kyrlyk, Liset Van Dommelen, Henk KuipersDaniel Mîrlea will feel the forest, breath the fresh air and get inspired by the sounds of wild nature. They will express their inspiration with painting, making pictures and films, dance, print making and illustrating. During the week they will spend time hiking in and exploring the UNESCO World Natural Heritage of National Nature Park in Synevyr. The two Dutch film artists, Rick Lichtenberg and Richard Verbeek, will capture the whole event. The programme includes hikes into the heart of the forest of the Synevyr Wilderness, a visit to the famous Synevyr Lake and the White Beast Waterfall, as well as enjoying the campfire at night. During the excursions to the Wilderness the artists will learn more about the conectivity of nature. They will have many opportunities to get in touch and express their wild side. Furthermore the event will foster the exchange of knowledge and the building of intercultural relations.

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