Wilderness Assessment trip to Germany 2018

More than 700.000 ha potential Wilderness and Wild Areas to be protected by 2020 in Germany

The German Ministry of the Environment and the German National Agency of the Environment (BfN) in close cooperation with the 16 provincial Environmental Ministries have agreed together with numerous Germany NGOs that until 2020 more than 700.000 ha are to be identified as part of the German National Biodiversity Strategy as Wild Areas or Wilderness according to a standard German Wilderness Criteria System based upon the European Wilderness Standard System. This strategy specifies that Wilderness not only covers 2% of Germany by 2020 but also that forests with natural forest development account for 5 % of the total wooded area. The focus is on large areas with non-human intervention or extraction in a minimum Wilderness zone of 1,000 ha and in exception of 500 ha depending on the habitat. A careful scientific analysis has actually identified more than 1.200.000 ha of potential Wilderness and Wild areas.

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Wilderness in Germany

Many conservation colleagues just could not believe of the official Wilderness commitment of the German government. In a country the size of 357.376 km², with a population of more than 82 million people Wilderness principles will be implemented on an area of 71,475 km².

said Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman, European Wilderness Society

The size of Wilderness in Germany is equal almost to the size of the whole Czech Republic. What is even more surprising is the fact that Germany is implementing a wilderness strategy not only in one of the most powerful economies in the world but also has long history of civilisation with a strong anthropogenic impact. It is there all the more astonishing that Germany is going to designate more than 700.00 ha of Wilderness in the next years.

In April/May 2018, the European Wilderness Society will continue with the assessment of identifying potential Wild Areas and Wilderness areas meeting German Wilderness Criteria and the European Wilderness Quality Standard started in 2017.

Wilderness Assessment trip to Germany.

During this trip we will for sure meet many Wilderness advocates and even continue or start the first quick field assessment, including overnight trips. This will provide us with the indepth knowledge to develop a shortlist of new potential member of the European Wilderness Network. The German Wilderness Trip 2018 will start in the northern part of Germany and then continue through the eastern part of Germany to central Germany and to the western most National Parks and end in the southern part of Germany. If you want to meet us or visit a potential wild areas regardless of its size, please contact us….

The European Wilderness Society will visit in the next months some of the areas with the highest potential Wilderness Quality.

The first trips to Germany are scheduled in April/May 2018 with the objective to identify potential Wild Areas and Wilderness areas meeting not only the German Wilderness Criteria but also the European Wilderness Quality Standard. The Wilderness roadshow will focus to meet Wilderness stewards but first of all quick field assessment, including overnight trips.  The outcome of this roadshow will provide knowledge and base to develop a shortlist of new potential member of the European Wilderness Network. The German Wilderness Trip 2018 will start in the northern part of country.

We will visit four Wilderness areas which we already audited in 2014 and 2017 and are members of the European Wilderness Network:


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The following Wilderness were also already visited and we confirmed that the Wilderness zone meets the European criteria but also that currently some administrative challenges request a little bit more time to start discussion to join the European Wilderness Network.

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We will then explore new potential Wilderness areas and are looking forward to meet the professional and enthusiastic staff of all of these potential Wilderness areas including:

  • Wilderness Lieberose
  • Wilderness Brandenburg
  • Goitzsche Wildnis
  • Wilderness Hohe Schrecke
  • National Park Harz
  • National Park Kellerwald
  • Naturpark SIebengebirge
  • National Park Eiffel
  • National Park Schwarzwald
  • National Park Baerischer Wald
  • National Park Berchtesgaden

Please contact us if you would like us to visit you and a potential Wild area or Wilderness.

Vlado Vancura

Vlado Vancura is the Deputy Chairman and Director of wilderness of the European Wilderness Society and is based in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia.

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