Wilderness Conference in Durrenstein Wilderness

Durrenstein Wilderness Area is organising a little internal Wilderness Conference. It is intended for researchers about potenatial future research projects and funding possibilities.

If you are a researhcer with a focus on researching Wilderness or primeval forest in Durrenstein Wilderness Area, this is a great opportunity for you. In fact, Durrrenstein Wilderness Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only IUCN Ia (strictly protected) nature reserve in Austria. Therefore, it is a unique area for research.

The conference will take place on Thursday the 17th of October in Gasthof Hammerwirt, Stixenlehen 27. If you would like to collabore with the Durrenstein Wilderness Area, please send them a title, author and abstract of your research topic. Then you will have a chance to discuss your ideas at the conference. Additionally, you can also give a short presentation on your topic.

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