Potsdam, Wilderness Conference

Potsdam has sent the message: ‘Germany needs Wilderness’. This is the message of the Wilderness Conference in 2015 under the patronage of German Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks

Germany is only European country setting a clear Wilderness conservation goal and taking this commitment seriously. In the National Strategy on Biological Diversity (NBS) the Wilderness issue is addressed with two main targets:
• “By the year 2020, Mother Nature is again able to develop according to her own laws throughout at least 2 % of Germany`s national territory.”
• “By 2020, forests with natural forest development account for 5 % of the wooded area.”


Wilderness Conference 2015, organized by Foundation Natural Landscapes Brandenburg, was hold last week in Potsdam, Germany. More than 200 participants (managers of protected areas, forest service, representatives of ministries, universities, journalists and NGO sector, etc), discussed issue of Wilderness in  Germany.

The subject of conference  summarized in nutshell focused on:
–    Wilderness and biodiversity
–    Wilderness quality standard
–    Wilderness monitoring
–    Wilderness and management challenges
–    Wilderness and Natura 2000
–    Wilderness and tourism, etc

More information http://www.wildniskonferenz.de/



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