Network of training activities for Natura 2000 sites managers

This is a LIFE preparatory project in the 2020 call. The call describes the project as follows:

The Natura 2000 network and the full implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives is at the heart of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030. Among the goals of the strategy are the completion of the Natura 2000 network to build a coherent network of protected areas, the improvement of its management effectiveness and the implementation of ambitious restoration actions across the EU.

The project will develop and implement a training system at European level related to the implementation of the Natura 2000 network. The training system will target Natura 2000 site managers and will allow them to improve their skills and knowledge on legislative, regulatory, managerial, technical, administrative aspects specific to the management of Natura 2000 sites.

The training system will also aim to prepare Natura 2000 managers for contributing to the above goals of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. It will have a specific focus on forests, which cover more than 50% of the terrestrial Natura 2000 network. In addition, during the project, the training system will need to be expanded and cover at least one more ecosystem type among those listed below: grasslands; wetlands and coastal habitats; marine ecosystems.

The project is to build on related initiatives such as the project LIFE, create synergies/complementarity and avoid overlaps.

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Foreseen actions

  • Establish a coordination unit for the implementation of the training system at European level and create the first hub of the training system.
  • Establish a school for European trainers in close collaboration with academia.
  • Develop training activities/courses for European trainers covering key legislative, regulatory, managerial, technical and administrative aspects specific to the management of Natura 2000 sites.
  • Develop standard procedures and protocols for planning and setting up a network of European training sites and related supporting documents.
  • Develop a plan for the maintenance of the training system at European level.
  • Develop tools to raise awareness of the European training system in the community of Natura 2000 site managers and implement dissemination actions to promote their participation.

The first hub of the training system and the school for European trainers should cover as many Member States as possible. The training activities/courses should be available in as many EU languages as possible.

The project will contribute to the achievement of the objectives and ambition of the EU Biodiversity strategy. Through the training opportunities, it will set an enabling framework for promoting action at the local level including creating new employment opportunities.

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General conditions

Duration: approximately three years

Max. EU co-financing: € 1 000 000; co-financing rate 60% (costs for volunteers can be used as in-kind contribution)

Application deadline: 10th September 2020; Expected start: early 2021

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