En Plein WILDArtists

The European Wilderness Society invites En Plein artists to express their passion, active involvement, and support for Wilderness and Wild areas in Europe.

We at the European Wilderness Society want to cooperate with European artists that have a deep commitment and passion for nature conservation and more specifically the last wild places in Europe. We are building a programme for short (one-week) artistic outdoor residences in Europe’s last wilderness areas.

You are an En Plein artist in the domain of photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, poetry, music and sound and open to experience wilderness and express your view, your emotions about it – feel free to get in touch with us! You should be experienced travellng in natural surroundings including hiking and camping in rather rough areas.

This film En plein air by Wildman Pictures gives an example of a hiking trail by a group of US artists to the Scotchmen Peaks Wilderness area in Idaho / Montana.


Wilderness as large intact, natural areas without human interference is gaining more and more attention and importance across Europe. Having more undisturbed wilderness areas and growing populations of wild animals such as wolf, lynx, bear and bison thriving throughout Europe is widely accepted and supported by the public. Since ever, artists sought and found inspiration in nature. Through their various ways of interpretation, they do contribute, in their own very emotional way, to have the public experience the beauty and magic of wild places. Thus, art offers countless opportunities to get the public take a closer and more emotional look at wilderness and is a valuable vector to enable re-connect humans with nature.

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