Lets get Wild Education

We are happy to announce that the Austria´s  Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management is supporting our two-year, bilingual wilderness school project called „Let´s get wild“.

The project „Let’s get wild“ is about wilderness project weeks in Austria´s secondary high schools. 

The main object is to draw attention to the diversity of habitats, nature, climate change and biodiversity in terms of wilderness in Austria’s national parks as well as preparing the public for the return of the large carnivores wolf, bear, lynx involving as well as an offered multi-day training for rangers of the Austrian National Parks.

This wilderness school project will support the Austrian regional development plan by promoting the acceptance of national parks within the younger population. 

Through multimedia and interdisciplinary environmental education, the role of the Austrian National Parks in the protection and preservation of the natural, recreational value, biodiversity and climate protection is emphasized. 

Here, attention is drawn to the networking of valuable habitats by green corridors as well as the importance of Natura 2000 sites and wilderness in Austria’s national parks as well as the coexistence of humans and large carnivores.

In addition to selected teaching methods and materials, school visits by our team, suggestion to visit the national parks, building a network, student representatives will take part as wilderness ambassador to a multi-day Austrian National Park wilderness camp. 

The project “Let’s get wild” is aimed at pupils 15+  of all Austrian schools . Each student of participating schools is asked to hand in a written essay or poem about wilderness or what „Let´s get wild“ means to them. Within all handed in drafts four sets of beat headphones are to be won. US Environmental Rapperstar Baba Brinkman provides professional guidance and will perform together with the students the winning songs. 

While “Let´s get wild“ takes place, the participating schools develop projects about „ Let´s get wild“ and wilderness. This can be a theatre, drawings, songs … it is an open process like the definition of wilderness. The results of the schools will be presented and awarded. The top four win a wilderness multi-day camp stay in Austria’s National Parks.

Tasks and goals:

  • Environmental education for students
  • Supporting regional development
  • Awareness of climate protection and Green Corridors
  • Increasing acceptance of the Austrian national park idea
  • Training of rangers, educational coordinators and lecturers
  • Promotion of wilderness and the wilderness idea
  • Thematic and physical integration of Natura 2000 areas and national parks in Austria
  • Mediation in the human co-existence with wolf, bear, lynx
  • Encouraging the youth to be interested in professions and studies concerning nature

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