National Park Zacharovanyy Kray Investments

The European Wilderness Society is continuously supporting the members of the European Wilderness Network, which in the Ukraine is our local partner National Nature Park Zacharovanyy kray.

The European Wilderness Society financed the renovation of the new unisex washrooms of the National Nature Park Ranger station. Typically state institutions in the Ukraine concentrate their financial activities  on trainings, consultations and workshops. Major Infrastructure investments that would improve the working conditions of the excellent staff of the first certified wilderness area in the Ukraine are typically postponed due to financial constraints.

The new washroom not only serves the staff but also the numerous park visitors coming to the National Nature Park Zacharovanyy kray. The European Wilderness Society invested more than € 1,000 into the necessary appliances. The installation work was financed by the National Nature Park Zacharovanyy kray.

The new washroom is also equipped with LED lighting to save electricity, a modern toilet and urinal with reduced water consumption.

In the next step the bilingual information boards in the hall ways is going to be updated to the latest design standards. To further reduce costs and to allow the park visitors to study the information boards, a new LED lighting system will be installed in the hall ways of the Ranger Station.

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