Wolves in Germany’s Capital City Berlin

This article recites the experience a family had upon returning to her home in a Suburb Butzen in the Spreewald in Berlin. As she was unloading her car a wolf suddenly stood behind her car then turned around and fled. She snatched her dog and quickly went inside hoping it was a stray dog. She contacted the Wolf Hotline which returned her call quickly and informed her that her suburb lies within the territory of the Lieberose Wolfpack and that this will most likely be not her last encounter with the shy animals. She should only worry about her dog and keep him on a leash as the family dog was new in this territory. Here is the story about Wolves in Germany:

SPREEWALD Der Wolf als neuer Nachbar

Als wir unser neues Haus im Spreewald beziehen, begegnet uns im Garten ein Wolf. Auch für die Dorfbewohner ist das eine kleine Sensation. Ein Leserartikel von Ulrike Goldberger


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