#NGOs4Ukraine 🇺🇦

The Ukraine needs all our help. The European Wilderness Society maintains almost daily contact to many NGOs in the Ukraine protecting not only nature but also mitigating the negative impacts of the armed conflict. Instead of donating to our accounts and then us redistributing the funds, we have selected several NGOs which would be really grateful for your direct support. This list will be updated regularly and we will also report continuously about the ongoing research work and the support the protected areas are giving to internally displaced people.

Please donate generously to these NGOs

🐾 Support the animals!

📍European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

What it does: It coordinates the collection of relief funds for the workers in Ukrainian zoos.  Any help you can provide would be received with gratitude.  EAZA commits to full transparency on the collection and distribution of funds for Ukraine: 100% of your donation will go to help Ukrainian zoos. They have direct contact with Myikolayiv Zoo, Kharkiv Zoo and Kyiv Zoo, and indirect contact with other zoos via the Ukrainian Zoo Association and the contacts of Members.

Payment methods: With the link below you can choose an amount and donate via iDeal, Bancontact, credit card or PayPal. Please add “Ukraine – name of your institution/your name” in the description box so they can acknowledge your donation.

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📍Network for Animals

What it does: They financially support and provide logistical help for animal shelters, animal welfare initiatives and, importantly, raise public awareness about animal issues. Dogs, cats, horses and donkeys are among the animals which benefit from the work they do with the help of our more than 1.2-million supporters, who live all over the world. They focus on providing practical assistance to animals.

Payment methods: You can use PayPal, direct payment from UK, Facebook foundriesing page or donate in BitCoin.

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⛑ Donate for humanitarian and medical aid!

📍National network for the development of local philanthropy

What it does: The network works directly with local communities and lists their needs. They collect money for food, medical equipment for hospitals, and household appliances for dormitories where relocated people live. Through this, thousands of people can get exactly what they need to survive and have basic comfort.

Payment methods: You can donate though LickPay system, it accepts any credit card.

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📍Ukraine Help Centre

What it does: Ukrainian business owners have opened the volunteer Storage Centre, where humanitarian and medical aid can be sent from all over the world. They work closely with with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine and supply medical equipments and aid for all Ukranian regions.

Payment methods: They accept accept payments based on Ernst Prost Foundation / Menschen für Frieden – Frieden Foundation Bank, Germany: Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank). You can donate with credit card or PayPal. Also, you can buy aid by yourself and send it. Please check the list on their website.

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🏔 Support wildlife in Ukraine!

📍Ukrainian Nature Conversation group

What it does: They work the war to keep Ukraine’s natural protected areas functional and support their employees. The main fields of help are purchasing fodder and medicine for animals in zoos and open-air enclosures, evacuating animals, re-equipping enclosures, implementing possible measures to preserve the most valuable natural ecosystems and objects, and restoring the critical infrastructure of nature reserves damaged by the war. They also provide opportunities for the staff of nature reserves for relocation and temporary accommodation.

Payment methods: Go to the link below and donate with LickPay system, it accepts any credit card.

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🪖 Support the Ukrainian army!

📍Come Back Alive foundation

What it does: They work right beside the Ukrainian military. They supply and repair equipment, as well as training the military and officers. The organization does not use funds for purchasing arms. Thier mission is limited to supplying technology, trainings, and accoutrements to help save lives of Ukrainians and help our warriors defend Ukraine.

Payment methods: Donate though Fondy payment system, which has one of the highest security ratings. Also, you can donate with SWIFT or cryptocurrencies.

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