Kamila Redererova

Project Assistant

In September 2023 I decided to join the European Wilderness Society team as a full-time project assistant in a little cosy town called Tamsweg surrounded by the impressive Austrian alpine mountains. I will be assisting my colleagues with implementing of the ongoing projects (such as LIFE, HORIZON, etc.) with the main focus on Apollo2020. In addition, I will assist in the development of several Erasmus+ projects like WILDArt and Youth Green Conference. I enjoy working in a dynamic environment full of enthusiastic people with a similar mindset trying to do their best in the wilderness conservation.

Already since childhood, I have had a close relationship to nature and its protection has always been a priority for me. That is why I decided to study Regional geography at the university as it connects all the fields I am interested in. My studies only deepened my interest in pursuing career in the field of environmental protection and conservation. This is something that simply makes sense long term, as it has a big impact on all of us.

In my opinion the work that European Wilderness Society does, plays an important role in the society as we find ourselves in the times where crucial decisions will have to be made and nature conservation and sustainability will be one of these big topics. So I am excited to contribute to the efforts of European Wilderness Society team to make the World a bit better and greener place.