Vlado Vancura, MSc

Deputy Chairman and Wilderness Director, based in Slovakia

I graduated at Forest University and Natural Resources Management, Zvolen, Slovakia and collected vast experience with Wilderness and natural resources management in the following 30 years. I worked in numerous nature oriented jobs as a full time, seasonal or free lance consultant in Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, U.S. National Park Service or Parks Canada. I was also the director of the Tatra National Park

Vlado Vancura, Director Wilderness

My passion Wilderness conservation led me from demanding field experience to the team of people working on European Wilderness Agenda and I was personally involved in the process of developing the European Wilderness definition, the European Wilderness Registry and the establishment of the European Wilderness Network.

My Wilderness Motto

Wilderness does not need to be protected, it needs protectors!

My focus as the European Wilderness Society Wilderness Director is underlined by my skills and enthusiasm to communicate with various groups and stakeholders to motivate them to contribute to the protection of European Wilderness Heritage and encourage them to become a Wilderness Advocate.

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