Respect Nature

Project Details

  • Project programme: European Wilderness Society
  • Start date: 08/2019
  • End date: ongoing
  • Project website:

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Project Objectives

We aim to raise awareness on how to enjoy the outdoors and Wilderness and at the same time minimise our impact on it. Humans can have a strong impact on the nature around them when enjoying the outdoors. Disturbing animals, destroying vegetation, littering and trampling the soils are among the common traces we leave behind. Therefore, to not destroy the home of wildlife, as well as to keep nature intact for future visitors, outdoor enthusiasts should to be aware of their impact.

The projects includes materials and workshops to educate visitors of Wilderness, groups and institutions about how to respect nature. The folder below explains the principles of ‘Respect Nature’ and is available at the European Wilderness Society.

Respect Nature Principles

Respect Nature contains the following nine principles:

  1. Know where you go
  2. Stay on trails
  3. Minimise camping impact
  4. Keep nature clean
  5. Make fire responsibly
  6. Show respect
  7. Respect wildlife
  8. Respect others
  9. Respect livestock protection

You can copy, print and redistribute the material in any medium or format and use for non-commercial purposes, but please do not modify it without prior permission. Thank you!

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