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The European Wilderness Network is network of European Wilderness designated and managed for preservation in their natural condition. It is international effort of many European countries to provide undeveloped habitats for threatened or endangered species. Many of the species found in the Europe are represented in Wilderness areas and these areas provide opportunity to the wildlife exist without significant human interaction.

European Wilderness Network streamline the process for open communication between international agencies for the purpose of Wilderness preservation. European Wilderness Network was formed to gain insight on the benefits of Wilderness preservation, establish open channels of communication between international agencies, and examine the cultural differences and similarities behind Wilderness preservation efforts in each European country. Ambition is that all European agencies, NGOs and individuals involved for Wilderness preservation will work in cooperation with their international counterparts to determine the future of Wilderness preservation efforts as a whole.

European Wilderness Society works in cooperation with international counterparts to determine the future of the European Wilderness Network.

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