Clean up Synevyr NNP, Ukraine

National Nature Park Synevyr is located in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and is characterised by large, contiguous areas of old growth broadleaf and conifer forest, rivers, lakes, peat bogs and wetlands. Captivating outdoor lovers, tourism volume is increasing rapidly, with 200,000 visitors annually, yet due to the insufficient local and visitor awareness, and absence of a regional waste management strategy, waste accumulation is bringing ecosystems and wildlife into serious danger. Tereblya is one of the biggest rivers flowing through the Park that eventually feeds the River Danube. The river and its banks are increasingly polluted by plastic, metal and human waste through illegal camping, burning and dump sites. Food waste dumps attract wildlife, potentially leading to conflicts with animals such as bears. The project will work with the park staff, local authorities, communities, and visitors to support introduction of an effective waste management system, including training, education, waste collection motivation and clean up events along 45km of trail, Synevyr Lake and river, as well as seducational signs installation.

For last 20 years we have been struggling with the increasing amount of waste. Our main river Tereblya turns into a landfill. We urgently need education and clean up actions, and improve our waste management system. Please support our project and donate for “Clean up Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine”!

Tyukh Yuriy
Synevyr National Nature Park deputy director on scientific work

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National Nature Park “Synevyr” is one of the unique natural pearls of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Moreover, this Park is a member of the European Wilderness Network and contains UNESCO World Heritage components. Despite of that, ineffective regional waste management limits the efforts to preserve the park’s fragile ecosystems. Therefore, in order to improve the situation, the proposed project is aiming at:

  • Capacity building, training and education of local actors
  • Cleaning up the target area in the National Nature Park Synevyr
  • Contribute to the improvement of the local waste management system.

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