Project Details

  • Project programme: Interreg Central Europe
  • Project budget: € 1 864 328.98
  • European Wilderness Society budget: € 260 323.27
  • Start date: 01/04/2019
  • End date: 04/03/2022
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Project Objectives

To develop models for active participation of local and regional public authorities as well as civil society in the management of selected UNESCO Natural World Heritage component parts and their surroundings.

This shall ensure the participation of all relevant governance levels as well as sectors. It will involve public authorities, including municipal governments and Protected Area administrations, as well as SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) and civil society. Together, joint efforts are made in the wider management of the UNESCO World Heritage component parts to reduce conflicts and create benefits to the UNESCO World Heritage region and the local population. The diverse contexts of the different component parts on which the project focuses, will be taken into account during the development of participatory models. This ensures the transferability to other component parts in Central Europe and beyond, to the entire UNESCO World Heritage site.

To enhance capacities of relevant authorities and stakeholders to improve the overall management quality of the selected UNESCO World Heritage component parts in Central Europe.

This will be achieved by the development of different models, such as the World Heritage Beech Communes, Sustainable Buffer Zone Management, the European Beech Forest Quality Standard, guidelines and trainings. The learning network that facilitates and strengthens collaboration and exchange between practitioners and stakeholders will also contribute to enhance capacities.

Project Partners

  • Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Germany
  • European Wilderness Society, Austria
  • Kalkalpen National Park, Austria
  • Public Institution Paklenica National Park, Croatia
  • Angermünde City Administration, Germany
  • Slovenia Forest Service, Slovenia
  • National Forest Centre, Slovakia

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