Iryna Shchoka

Youth Programmes and Carpathain Projects, based in the Ukraine

I am a creative and experienced project manager, tried and tested economist, dedicated to her job.

I started my career at the UniCreditBank Ukraine in 2002 as an economist and finished in 2011 as a branch office head.

In 2006 I coordinated for the Ukrainian NGO FORZA a Cluster analysis of the forest sector of the Carpathian region of Ukraine which also included sustainable tourism and local communities wellbeing issues, supported SMEs in marketing and in state-private partnership activities, implemented climate change mitigation and adaptation measures project.

Since 2013 I implemented the project “Cross-Road Connections” which aimed to improve of environmental situation of small Ukrainian cities and educated adults and teenagers. From 2012 until the end of 2014 I worked as a project manager and developer at the “Agency of Regional Development and Cross-Border Co-operation “Transcarpathia” of Zakarpattya Oblast Council”.

My Wilderness Motto:

Only Wilderness makes us really free on this planet, free from day-today routine, temporary hardships and banal bad mood. Only intact nature empowers us, provides unique exiting feeling and gives us special inspiration! Therefore as much Wilderness we will have as many really free and happy people will be on the Earth!

At the European Wilderness Society I am focusing my work on Youth Education in the Carpathians as well as assisting in other European projects. I am also the focal point for our Ukrainian European Wilderness Network partners.

I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hungarian, Slovakian and started to learn the German language.

If you want to contact me directly, please use this form: