Youth Green Conference 2019

Europe is facing bigger environmental challenges than ever before. Therefore importance of addressing these challenges is also reflected in the EU Youth Strategy. In September 2018 the 6th and final EU Youth Conference in Vienna resulted in the outcome of 11 Youth Goals. And one of them is ‘Sustainable Green Europe’.

Project Details

  • Project programme: Erasmus+
  • Project budget: € 15 580.00
  • European Wilderness Society budget: € 15 080.00
  • Start date: 01/02/2019
  • End date: 31/10/2019
  • More information: FORZA

Project Objectives

The Youth Green Conference 2019 invites youngsters, experts, local politicians and decision-makers from Austria and Ukraine, to jointly engage in a dialogue on the topic of a sustainable green future for Europe. Further participants will experience a lot of body & brain exercises including a field trip into the natural surroundings to learn the European Outdoor Ethics.

The objectives of the 3-day event, is to increase awareness among youngsters on the important role that sustainability has for their own and future generations. It aims to break down the complexity of cooperation for sustainability in easy-to-understand parts, including sustainable nature protection, “green” legislation, sustainable transport, sustainable use of resources, sustainable protection of natural areas, and more.

It aims to bring youngsters in contact with experts, local politicians and decision makers from each addressed part. Importantly, this enables youngsters to become more familiar with the topics. Meanwhile also giving them professional contacts that could support their own development in a professional career later onwards.

By having the possibility to express and discuss concerns and ideas on a sustainable green Europe in the form of a Structured Dialogue, youngsters are enabled to engage with local politicians and professionals of various backgrounds in non-formal ways of groups sessions and a World Café. In addition, the event will take place in a venue within natural surroundings, to stimulate sustainable green thinking even more.

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