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Hohe Tauern Wolf Festival School - © All rights reserved
Hohe Tauern Wolf Festival School – © All rights reserved

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National Park Hohe Tauern and The European Wilderness Society developed a one-day Primary and middle school program; aimed at making children once more aware of the increasing importance of wild animals and Wilderness. The children were introduced to the large carnivores and their behavioural patterns in Europe through tools like wolf pelt, skulls and tracks; masks which the kids could make themselves, a competition in jumping with different animals and of course a loud Hoooowl exercise.

It’s so important to reach the kids now, since they all will eventually grow up and take more or less important positions in the future society. Every even small activity in environmental education by the national park management is a great investment in the future of environmental protection of our country.

Dr. Astrid Rössler vice premier of the province of Salzburg

Finally, children and teachers also received a personal copy of the new “Die Wilden 4” magazine full of information about the Wolf, Bear, Lynx and Wilderness.

Project Partners

  1. European Wilderness Society
  2. National Park Hohe Tauern

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