Let’s get Wild!

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Project Objectives

The project “Let’s get Wild!” was a bilingual Wilderness school project for Austria’s secondary high schools.

The main objectives were to draw attention to the diversity of habitats, nature, climate change and biodiversity in terms of Wilderness in Austria national parks. Further, Let’s get Wild also aimed to prepare the public for the return of the large carnivores; the wolf, bear and lynx. Let’s get Wild also helped the Austrian regional development plan, requiring the promotion of national parks within the younger population.

Through multimedia and interdisciplinary environmental education, Let’s Get Wild 1 taught the value of; habitats and their connectivity through green corridors, the importance of Natura 2000 sites and Wilderness in Austria’s national parks while also teaching about the coexistence of humans and large carnivores.

In addition student representatives also took part as Wilderness ambassadors in a multi-day Austrian National Park Wilderness camp.

Project Partners

  1. European Wilderness Society

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