Interreg Citizen Engagement Activities

Project Details

  • Project programme: Interreg Volunteer Youth Citizen engagement
  • Project budget: Maximum €5 000
  • European Wilderness Society budget: Project dependent
  • Start date: 01/07/2019
  • End date: 31/12/2019
  • Project website: Interreg Volunteer Youth
  • More information: Interreg Youth – Activities

Project Objectives

The European Territorial Cooperation, known as Interreg, aims to build solidarity between European people and cultures. Called Citizen Engagement Activities, their objectives is to involve yound people in civic programmes, through IVY, to help raise knowledge on the many benefits that occur with cross border collaboration.
Below you can read about some of the European Wilderness Society’s projects that are currently running.

Whispering of the trees

In “Whispering of the trees” students will participate in workshops and a field trip into one of the most valuable UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, the Grumsin forest. Participants will delve deep into how to open all their senses and be present in nature and how to develop a story based upon personal impressions in this ancient forest. They will also learn how the EU Cohesion Policy support its protection through various projects in the region.

Insect respect

The Insect Respect activity provides the opportunity to get hands-on experience about how to contribute to keeping insect biodiversity in our focus! By highlighting EU funded projects that support this cause, participants will learn how important insects are for our everyday life and how we can protect them. Everybody will build their own insect hotel, which they can take with them to provide the insects in each garden with a home!

Nature experience

Events under “Interreg Volunteer Youth” are organised by young volunteers involved in European projects enhancing territorial cooperation. During the Nature Experience Workshop a group of 30 local and international outdoor enthusiasts will meet in Bulgaria, to explore and learn about experiencing wild nature and how the European Cohesion Policy finances projects to support local development and nature protection.

Respect Nature

The Respect Nature Citizens engagement Activity promotes international cooperation by bringing together organisations involved in the European Cohesion Policy along with youth and locals in Ramingstein. The project will engage the target audience about the natural and protected areas that characterise the Austrian countryside. This will be accomplished in a full-day workshop and smaller events where participants learn how to treat nature with respect. The outcome promotes regional development while showing local and international organisations how important it is to support local culture and nature.

WILDArt Majella

The goal of WILDArt Majella is to unite local communities and artists from across Europe to promote cultural exchange following the European Cohesion Policy. This Citizens engagement Activity will help the region which is suffering from rural flight. Through the development of unique art, which can be displayed at many venues, it is believed that it will inspire local and international communities the value of nature and the natural environment.

Please also read: Join us at WILDArt Majella!

Project Partners

  1. European Wilderness Society
  2. Interreg Volunteer Youth

Project Area

Project Impressions

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