Youth Green Conference III

Europe is facing bigger environmental challenges than ever before. Therefore importance of addressing these challenges is also reflected in the EU Youth Strategy. In September 2018 the 6th and final EU Youth Conference in Vienna resulted in the outcome of 11 Youth Goals. And two of them are ‘Sustainable Green Europe’ and ’Moving Rural Youth Forward‘. 

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Project Details

  • Project programme: Erasmus+
  • Project budget: € 38 443
  • Start date: 03/03/2024
  • End date: 02/03/2026

Project Objectives

Similar to the Youth Green Conference 2019 and 2022, Youth Green Conference 2025 invites youngsters from Austria, Spain, Slovenia and Ukraine, to jointly engage in a dialogue on the topic of a sustainable green future for Europe and rural youth. 

International cooperation for climate, sustainability, rural life and biodiversity

The Youth Green Conference 2025 project will consist of a 5-day enriching event in Austria’s stunning Biosphere Reserve Lungau. During these five days, the youngsters will participate in a wide range of non-formal and informal educational activities through workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities. They will be discussing together topics such as Climate Change, Rural Life challenges, Sustainability and other environmental issues. In this project, it is expected that the young participants will increase their awareness on the importance of sustainable activities, and ways to do so.

Inspired by the youth green charter jointly made by participants from YGC 2022 , youngsters will use their creativity to create meaningful media content, i.e. podcasts, to raise awareness more effectively and enhance their digital skills. Furthermore, the conference will serve as a hub for cultural exchange and language skill development, developing relationships across borders and generations. 

Project Partners

  • European Wilderness Society, Austria
  • NGO FORZA, Ukraine
  • La Manchuela por el Clima, Spain
  • Mladinski center Ormož, Slovenia