Max A E Rossberg (MMS)

Chairman, based in Austria

Max A E Rossberg, Chairman

I gained my international marketing expertise not only by graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce in International Business and a Master of Management Science in International Marketing at the Sprot School of Business at the Carleton University, Canada, but working after my graduation for several multinational companies in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Ireland.

I strongly believe that the key to success is the respect for the different values, norms and beliefs of every culture and nation. To be successful, these cultural differences in our behaviour must be considered and taken into account before making a decision.

I very much appreciate teamwork. I am based with my family as the chairman of European Wilderness Society in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lungau in the Austrian Alps, from where I work and travel throughout Europe.

My Wilderness Motto

„Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars “

My personal objective is that Europe´s Wilderness is seen and experienced as well as protected. Therefore, I am proud that our team developed the European Wilderness Quality and Audit System, to identify, designate, manage and promote Europe´s last WILDCoasts, WILDForests, WILDIslands, WILDRivers and Wilderness. Let´s get wild!

Project Focus

One of my focus is Livestock Protection against the return of the large carnivores in the central Europe. I am supported in this challenge by Gudrun Pflüger and Hanna Öllös and Anni Henning.

I am also developing an International Wilderness Exchange programme in cooperation with the University of Sustainable Development in Germany and the Western Colorado University in the United States.

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