Anni Henning

Public relations and Youth Programmes, based in Austria

Anni Henning, European Wilderness Society

I studied European languages and cultures, worked for communication, education, tourism and marketing organizations while being a mom of four great kids.

I enjoy nature every moment of my life and therefore I am highly motivated with my heart, body and soul to support Europe´s Wilderness as a self-willed land.

After my studies, commercial companies benefitted from my experience as a skilled media editor for offline and online communications. I am now employing those skills in the European Wilderness Society by coordinating their numerous marketing communications channels.

My belief and personal experience are that education and communication are mission critical to raise people´s attention and love for something special like Wilderness.

It is also very important to inform and educate people of all ages about Wilderness and why it is so important to our personal well-being.

This is why I like our “Let´s get wild” programme designed for kindergarten, schools, universities as well as for rangers, nature guides and park management. It is such a pleasure to watch how the idea of Wilderness as an open process fascinates more and more people. This process leads to a better understanding and caring about nature and especially Wilderness. Wilderness needs advocates!

In order to achieve a goal, you have to get up, start it and do not give up until it is achieved. Sounds easy but means in reality that every project has a first and last name behind it and from the idea to its completion it takes a solid work ethic combined with a commitment to excellence for it to succeed.  That is the main reason I love to be responsible for the management of our projects, which are typically supported by private donors, governments, financial institutions and foundations.

My Wilderness Motto

“May your life be like a wildflower growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.”

I feel privileged to work in the European Wilderness Society being responsible for the Press and Media. It is like being a part of the most effective team in the world: a wolf pack. Let´s get wild!

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