Wilderness Exchange Programme

Locating Wilderness on a map during the Wilderness Exchange Programme

Project Details

  • Project programme: Wilderness Exchange Programme
  • Project budget: Self-funded
  • European Wilderness Society budget: Case dependant
  • Start date: 08/10/2015
  • End date: Ongoing

Project Objectives

The Wilderness Exchange Program run by the European Wilderness Society focuses on exchanging information among Wilderness managers and Wilderness advocates to save European Wilderness.

The Wilderness Exchange Programme is offering all managers and senior personnel of all European Wilderness Network the opportunity to exchange information and knowledge on the stewardship issues of Wilderness. Throughout the week long exchange, applicants will travel to selected members of the European Wilderness Network. Here they will meet with the staff, engage in workshops and visit the Wilderness in person to see similarities and differences in Wilderness stewardship approaches.

The European Wilderness Society will cover local costs of the Wilderness Exchange Programme, including local transportation and accommodation. Further, a senior manager of the European Wilderness Society will accompany the applicant during the trip. Here they will serve as translator, guide and colleague throughout the Wilderness Exchange Programme.

All applicants must be physically fit and be able to hike on sometimes long and strenuous trips in order to participate in the Wilderness Exchange Programme.

Project Partners

  1. European Wilderness Society
  2. European Wilderness Network Members

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