People Protect Podyji Wilderness

European Wilderness Society carried out recently the Wilderness Quick-Audit in the Podyjí National Park, Czech Republic.

The Podyjí region was systematically protected since 1978, when the Podyjí Protected Landscape Area was declared. The most valuable part of the Podyjí Protected Landscape Area was in 1991 declared as the Podyjí National Park. This smallest national park of the Czech Republic is located right at the border with Austria. The national park itself is surrounded by a buffer zone and since 2000 together with the Thayatal National Park at the Austrian site creates a transboundary protected area.

The team of committed Wilderness people in the Podyjí National Parks is guided by visionary director mr. Tomas Rothröckl. Under his leadership already for almost two decades is systematically implemented concept of non-intervention management. The results of this work was very obvious during 3 days visit and field work.

Tomas Rothröckl, is more then just a good manager, with clear objective in the mind. He is first of all in the depth of his soul a fan of Wilderness. He is daily exposed to the situation how to combine species oriented management with process oriented management (Wilderness). The park is running extensive Wilderness restoration program where the active management is finally transformed to the non-intervention. This work includes for example transformation of forest stands impacted by non-native and exotic species such as spruce, acacia or exotic specifies of pines.

Traveling all over the park I have heard frequently repeating sentence: …one-two more visits of this area with chain-saw and the forest is ready to be included in the zone of self-will land.  This is what clearly indicates conceptual and long-term management approach with a clear objective to restore and protect Podyjí Wilderness…, said Vlado Vancura, Conservation Director from European Wilderness Society.

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  • When do you put a map with your story about national parks so we can easily see where it is located?
    Some time ago allready you said that would be a good idea…….

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