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7 thoughts on “Donate and get involved

  1. francis, vlado will get in touch with you, but we are currently finishing the first edition of our wilderness journal. if you want to write a short post, news about your concern linked to Oostvard…platse…please don’t hesitate to send it to us! We will be happy to publish your wilderness related news. Wild regards, EWS mgmt team

  2. Good morning Mr. Rossberg, yesterday I sent an email reply to Mr Vancuna but any help is really appreciated. The park’s status and management are (once again) under discussion & scrutiny. That * does* (hopefully, one never knows!) open a small window of opportunity to get things moving in the right direction! So please feel free to jump in, contact me etc etc, as much as your agenda allows of course!
    Best Regards, Francis

  3. Hi Francis,

    Basically improved with a stronger focus on wilderness. You can see our new contact details on the team page. Looking forward to talking to you.


  4. Dear Francis,
    sorry for this delay!!!
    Let me answer your question.

    European Wilderness Society (EWS) sets the framework of the cooperation with the wilderness protected areas for the enhancement of identifying, designating and managing European wilderness within the structure of the European Wilderness Network (European Wilderness Network).

    In order to deliver the ambitious target of protecting 5% of Europe’s land territory as wilderness, European Wilderness Society always work together with partners. The critically important are protected areas managing European wilderness.

    Protected areas with ambitious to join the European Wilderness Network have to proof an excellence in management, conservation and restoration of European wilderness. For that purpose EWS is running a Wilderness Audit System. Under this system, the EWS admits new members and assess their performance against the EWS quality standard.

    Please let me know it this issue is the subject of your interest and contact me on this e-mail

    Wild regards, Vlado

  5. Dear Mr. Kun, last Oktober I tried contacting you via PAN Parks without succes. Could uou tell me if the requirements for a Wilderness Diploma are different from PAN parks? I have a specific area in mind, would like to communicate / find out

    Best Regards, Francis

  6. dear Gerard, we will send you an email! Thnx for being supportive of our initiative! We welcome others to join our effort to protect wilderness across Europe, Zoltan

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