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Conservation grant secured to support Synevyr biodiversity

We are happy to share the great news, that the project “Clean Up Synevyr National Nature Park” is one of the European Outdoor Conservation Association grant winners of 2019-2020! The European Wilderness Society will start its implementation jointly with local Ukrainian partners. This will be the first project in Ukraine that is funded by the European Outdoor Conservation Association!

Waste management challenges

National Nature Park “Synevyr” is one of the unique natural pearls of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Moreover, this Park is a member of the European Wilderness Network and contains UNESCO World Heritage components. Despite of that, ineffective regional waste management limits the efforts to preserve the park’s fragile ecosystems. Therefore, in order to improve the situation, the proposed project is aiming at:

  • Capacity building, training and education of local actors
  • Cleaning up the target area in the National Nature Park Synevyr
  • Contribute to the improvement of the local waste management system

International project support

During the preparatory phase, we received Letters of Recommendation from many of our partners and supporters from different countries. We are especially grateful to our nominator and sport clothing company Schöffel, as well as the:

  • Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Germany
  • Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, Austria
  • National Nature Park “Synevyr”, Ukraine
  • Professor Pierre L. Ibisch, Germany
  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Austria

Furthermore, the project went through a public voting procedure. During a month, our project managed to get more than 2 000 votes! Afterwards, members of the European Outdoor Conservation Association also voted on the shortlisted projects that did not secure funding yet. We want to thank everybody around the world and the EOCA Members for their votes, and special thanks go to the:

Project details

We are looking forward to making this project a great practical example where local efforts and international expertise join in order to make the unique natural area in the Ukrainian Carpathians cleaner and more attractive for outdoor enthusiasts.

Max Rossberg, Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

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