Photo Challenge: Corona Virus lockdown lets Nature go wild

We are witnessing a global change of our daily lives to a degree that did not happen for decades. The large scale and drastic measurements aim to isolate the most vulnerable people, and limit social interaction between others. Yet, as countries go on the Corona Virus lockdown, nature is going wild at an incredible speed in unexpected places.

In Venice, one of the top tourist destinations in the world with 30 million visitors on an annual basis, life stands still too. Without any boats or gondolas cruising through its canals, the water in Venice has never been clearer. Reports from the local newspaper, and even the CNN, show how locals are seeing fish returning to Venice canals, too many to count. 

Have you witnessed, or read about examples where nature goes wild? Let us know! We publish these stories and photos below on a regular basis! Have a look at some of the pictures below that we already received from you.

5 easy steps to share your observation

  1. Find a place where nature is going wild
  2. Take some photos
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Please note that we are sharing your contributions, but these photos have not been verified by us whether they actually display natural phenomenon that occur due to the corona restrictions.

Seals on the English ‘Seal sands’

A photo of seals on a beach called ‘Seal sands’! Seal sands is near the coast of Durham in the northeast of England, where we find the river Tees. Photo by Kevan Hubbard

Chamois grazing in Slovakian Low Tatras National Park