Study confirms low percentage of dog and wolf crossbreeding in Swiss wolf population

Many wolf opponents keep raising the argument of a high rate of hybridisation as a reason to shoot wolves. However, a recent long-term study from Switzerland came to the result that the dog introgression in the Swiss wolf population is very limited.

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Wild boar hunts in Poland cause public outrage

The African Swine Fever has been on the rise in Poland for the past five years. To tackle the spreading disease the Polish government ordered a series of hunts with the aim of killing the majority of the polish wild boar population. The country’s veterinary officials approved a plan to kill 185 000 animals of the 200 000 polish wild boar within this hunting season.

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Isolated Sierra Morena wolf population officially extinct

The Sierra Morena used to be home to the most southern distribution of the Iberian wolf. The iberian wolves, a subspecies of the European wolf, can be found in northern Portugal and north-western Spain. However, an isolated pack lived in the Sierra Morena for decades. The last update of the Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe lists the Sierra Morena population as extinct.

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