Wilderness in Triglav

On 5 December 2017, representatives of the Triglav National Park, Slovenia and European Wilderness Society, met in the main office of Triglav National Park to discuss potential Wilderness in the Triglav National Park.

This Triglav National Park has a long history of Wilderness conservation since 2004 and become a Wilderness partner back in 2013. The Triglav Wilderness is exposed to several challenges, such as land ownership, fragmentation and high number of tourists.

Compensation mechanism is one solution to deal with the challenge of ownership. It is working for example in countries like Switzerland and even partially in Slovakia. Also, management can address fragmentation by combining the benefit of a detailed habitat inventory with the compensation mechanism. Additionally, the number of tourists is a complex issue and must be the focus of Leave no Trace education and training.

Wilderness in Triglav National Park is an important example of the high mountains ecosystems in the Karawanks part of Alps. These solitary areas of wild nature are very rare in Europe. Triglav Wilderness can become an inspiration and motivation for other members of the European Wilderness Network,

said Vlado Vancura, European Wilderness Society.

Wilderness in new management plan

Wilderness in this park is an important asset not only for nature conservation but also as a key strategy. Most important is that its protection is underlined in the new management plan developed in 2016. The new zoning system combine in the 1st protection zone the areas with no intervention – Wilderness and also the isolated islands of meadows used in a traditional way by local residents for agricultural purposes.

Triglav National Park is a member of several international networks but none of them is focusing on Wilderness. I believe that the Triglav Wilderness deserves to be a member of the European Wilderness Network. We will continue to explore areas of cooperation to decide the next steps.

said Andrej Arih, head of Natural Environment Department in Triglav National Park.

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