Clean up Synevyr National Nature Park, Ukraine

Our project idea has been selected for public voting by the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Only the project idea with the most votes gets funding, so please help us win this project!

Synevyr National Nature Park in Ukraine is suffering, like many other protected areas, under the increasing pressure of visitors. Single-use plastic ends up in the rivers, full garbage bags are left in the UNESCO World Heritage forest, and people are doing their toilet-business behind trees. Nearby villages still lack a proper waste management system as well. This situation is destroying the nature and threatening its beautiful wildlife! The Synevyr Park Management is struggling with this problem, so we want to help. But we need your vote!


What is the project about?

The project will take place in Synevyr National Nature Park, located in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. Synevyr has been a paradise for outdoor lovers for many years. Yet, tourism volume is increasing rapidly, with 200 000 visitors annually.

  • People camp illegally along the Tereblya river banks, which are now filled with plastic and food waste.
  • Illegal fire pits in Synevyr forests are full with metal and glass that can injure the wild bears, deer and other animals.
  • People are leaving behind garbage bags and toilet-business in the forest, which can spread diseases and contaminate ground water.

This brings the ecosystems and wildlife in serious danger, urgent action is needed!

What does our project achieve?

We will work together with the Synevyr Park Management, local communities and visitors to do a lot of things. With your vote we can:

  • Start our clean up event along 45km of trails and rivers in Synevyr.
  • Place new eco-toilets so that people do not do their toilet-business in the valuable forest.
  • Build clear signs to inform visitors and locals where to leave their garbage.
  • Install new waste bins to collect the garbage.
  • Teach locals about sustainable waste management.
  • Offer visitors a discount when they take garbage out of the park with them!


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