One thought on “European Wilderness Society: one of the few NGOs out in the field (1/3)

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    Being part of a growing network of NGOs which share the same values and beliefs, we are very grateful that several NGOs are very active in the rural and protected areas with their own staff in the field. We would also like to highlight that our field work would not be possible without the challenging lobbying work that many other NGOs based in the capitals and thus closer to the decision makers provide to society. Just like in nature, the NGO Ecosystem has different NGOs together forming a functioning ecosystem in which every NGO plays a distinctive role. The nature conservation community is only as strong as this ecosystem works in a form of collaboration and cooperation. If we do not work together and if we do not support each other and if we do not focus our energy on the actions we are best in, there will be a lot of duplication of efforts causing inefficiencies reducing our impact to make this world more environmental sustainable and enable us humans to survive. Nature does not need our support, it will survive regardless what we humans do, but we need nature to survive and the NGO Ecosystem is a critical component in this challenge.

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