Exclusive interview with a wolverine

Its freezing here, couldn’t we meet somewhere warm and sunny?

Welcome to my home, I love the cold snowy weather! That is why I only live in the arctic region of Europe. I may look a bit like a large dog or a small bear, but I am a relative of the marten actually . Have you seen my long claws? They help me climbing trees, rocks and cliffs. And my coat is actually so thick, it’s cold-resistant.

Can I feel your fur?

Hey, don’t touch me! It’s always the same thing with those humans. They see something furry and immediately want to touch it. Keep your distance, human. Why can’t people understand that they should leave me alone?

Wow, you’re in a bad mood. Are you always so grumpy?

Well, when it comes to my food and defence, yes. I may look small, but I am stronger than I look. Those long claws also help, they make me quite dangerous. And have you seen my teeth? I can easily take a bite out of your hand if you touch me again. Did you seen me fighting off a lynx last time? I nicked his prey, the poor lad stood there empty handed.

Don’t you go on a hunt yourself?

I’m actually kind of slow, when it comes to hunting and chasing other animals. Ideally, I have a dense forest in my backyard, filled with nice little animals I can catch. I go for the easy and weak prey in that case, but I also like to steal food elsewhere. Sometimes, when I am really hungry I can attack a large deer for example. But it takes a lot of energy I prefer to spend otherwise.

What about reindeer and sheep, you like those?

I must admit, if I find a bunch of them in a meadow, sure. It is easy food if people don’t protect them. But I rather stay away from those fences and humans, I prefer other easy meals instead. Last week I stole half a roe deer from my neighbour wolves, that was great.

Do you only eat meat?

Nah, especially during summer I like to balance my diet. I wouldn’t call myself a flexitarian, but I like those plant roots and berries a lot, really.

What about your family, you see them often?

Most time of the year I live by myself. It’s better to be alone if you are grumpy so often. But I have three wives in the neighbourhood, who I regularly pay a visit. We share my territory of several hundred square kilometres, but I don’t share them with other males. They need to find their own place elsewhere.

What is your opinion on our overheating climate?

I am actually very worried about the rising temperatures. Snow is really important for me, and it keeps disappearing more and more. There are only about 1,000 of us in Scandinavia and the number is decreasing every year. It’s good that I can swim, so I don’t wash away in with the melting water tough. But, if people want to do something for me, they should stop this climate overheating process soon.

Final question, what is your favourite movie character?

Ah, you want me to say Wolverine right? Funny. Well, I’m not some bearded guy with titanium claws, but I got the same temper… If I had to choose my favourite movie character, I would go for my guilty pleasure: Olaf the snowman from Disney’s Frozen.

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