Is feeding bears a solution or a curse for human conflict situations?

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The traditional wisdom is “A fed bear is a dead bear”. We tend to follow the traditional research by relocating bears who approach garbage in Romania and even resort to capturing and killing bears who get close to human settlements to look for food.

The believe is, that once a bear gets used to human food, he will lose his appetite for natural food sources and stop foraging naturally.

Dr. Lynn Rogers and a small community in the USA has actually scientifically shown that the number of human conflict situation has decreased in an area where black bears have been hand fed by humans. The food being fed to the bears consist of nuts including pecans, hazelnuts and even peanuts.

The bears are still weary of humans they do not know, the only resort to the feeding stations if the natural food resources become scarce and are not conditioned to rely solely on the feeding by humans.

But why don’t you listen to Dr. Lynn Rogers himself on how he came to feed bears contrary to popular belief.

Let's get wild
Let's get wild
Is feeding bears a solution or a curse for human conflict situations?

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