Kiddies walk the wolf way

On May the 11th and 12th, our European Wilderness Society team member Gudrun Pflüger took more than 50 kindergarden kids between the age of three and six of the pedagogic kindergarten in Bischofshofen in the province of Salzburg, austria out on the wolf trail.
Gudrun was hired by the Health Initiative AVOS, a prevention program for staying healthy; exposing already the kids to the importance of a conscious way of living. The wolf combines all the ‚pillars’ important for a healthy life: movement, awareness, social competence and ‚natural food’-

The little ones first got a peek into Gudruns film documentary ‚searching for the coastal wolves’ , learning that wolves do not automatically see humans as a good dinner.

Then, they were finding their way to the forest through their nose, sniffing and following ‚markings’ made from the ‚rose’wolf (who sprayed on elevated and pronounced places her distgusting intense deodorant a la ‚rose’). Along the way they also learned how wolves are moving (‚walking in a line’), how dangerous a hunt also for the wolves is and how they can avoid being kicked by the hooves of the deer or elk.
In between the groups came together for howling sessions and had their smart lunch. Smart, because the snackies should be healthy.

At the end, they could cut out their own wolf mask, provided by the European Wilderness Society.
This whole outdoor program was accompained by students of the kindergarden pedagogic school, who eventually will take their own kids groups out on the trail of the wolf. Hence the seed is planted…

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