Rangers, wildlife and poachers

Interesting and never ending discussion on the subject of ranger & wildlife & poacher goes on and on in different countries, in various format and multiplex context.

It is obvious that the situation is complex, tough and complicated. Clear and implementable solutions are not easy to find out. This is a reality despite of sophisticated concept of conservation, network of protected areas, more or less developed financing structures necessary to protect wildlife, and many times also commitment of state authorities.

Security of land is made by people-rangers who “protect animals”.  Spectrum of wildlife is made by the variability of land and that is what made a land unique. Threat to land is made by poachers who ‘harvest’ animals.

Poaching is seen by many as highly unethical behavior. The consequence for poaching game, especially when that game is protected, rare or even threaten is unprecedented.

All across the world, certain species of fish and animals are seen as valuable commodities and so subject of poaching. Even when protected by laws, their numbers are decreasing due to high trade demands or black market prices. Not only elephants, tigers, rhinoceros and Asian bears face the biggest survival challenges due to poaching. Also number of species in Europe! Rare species of fish, insects, animals or birds! All these animals have body parts that are considered highly valuable.

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