The European Wilderness Society Team

The European Wilderness Society is the only Pan-European, wilderness and environmental advocacy non-profit non-government organisation with a dedicated multi-cultural and very experienced professional team of wilderness and wildlife specialists, nature conservationists, researchers and scientists, tourism experts, marketing and business professionals, legal advisors and wilderness advocates whose mission is to:

  • identify
  • designate
  • manage
  • promote

Europe´s last Wilderness, WILDForests, WILDRivers, WILDCoasts and WILDIslands.

The European Wilderness Society now maintains focal points in Spain, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Ukraine. While the organisation’s headquarter is in Tamsweg, Austria, we also have a representation in Brussels. Our European Wilderness Expert team, after working for more than 16 years with different wilderness organisations, includes among others:

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