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Wilderness Book as a piece of Art – finally in English!

Let me announce with a great pleasure that a limited number of copies of the book: A Year in the Wilderness – book of Wilderness as a piece of art, was recently printed in English! This extraordinary book  is now available for a wider audience all over the Europe.

“When I first visited the Tatra mountains, someone told me that there are just two seasons there: “winter and f…ing winter!” Jokes apart, this book gracefully discloses the stunning diversity of this mountain Wilderness as it unfolds through the seasons. One can easily get envious of the remarkable series of wildlife encounters Karol Kalisky has been able to document with his camera. What would take several lifetimes for normal people to achieve, in fact, has took this outstanding ambassador of Slovak nature just one, truly precious book.

Said Bruno D’Amicis, a well known Italian conservationist and professional Wilderness photojournalist. His images have been published by leading Italian and international newspapers, magazines, and nature books, including National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Die Zeit, La Repubblica, and Terre Sauvage. Among his numerous accolades are a 2014 World Press Photo prize, and a Wildlife Photographer of the Year award from the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Wilderness as a source of Inspiration

Wild nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. People have been trying since ancient times to capture, record or describe with words the untamed beauty and diversity of free nature. Despite this huge effort and numerous publications all over the world, nobody has yet succeeded in achieving this in a satisfying way. Words can never replace the warming rays of the spring sun or the movements of the wind through the treetops. No paintings or photos can capture the smell of an arolla pine primeval forest…

Therefore, the book “A Year in the Wilderness” does not aim at reproducing the emotions that we experience in the midst of untamed nature, because that would be impudent. Its pictures can merely indicate the true value of the Wilderness for us human beings.

A new and unique photography book featuring 205 photographs and text from the mountain Wilderness by Karol Kaliský, an enthusiastic film maker and photographer, who has spent hundreds of days in the middle of Wilderness. The book is divided into 12 main chapters, capturing the changes of the seasons for 12 months in the mountainous countryside. All pictures were taken in the Tatra Mountains (especially in Tichá and Kôprová valleys and Belianske Tatras).

The book can be bought here.

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