Dr. Mario Broggi promoter of Wilderness idea!

Dr. Mario Broggi studied forestry at the ETH, Zurich and gained his Ph.D. at the University of Bodenkultur in Vienna. He was lecturer at the Universities of Basel and Vienna. For 29 years he worked as an independent ecologist at offices in Liechtenstein, Zurich, Vorarlberg and Vienna. In 1998-2004 he was Director of the Institute for Forest, Snow and landscape (WSL) at ETH. He cooperates in various international organizations: the Council of Europe, IUCN, IUFRO and CIPRA, where for several years he was president. At present he is university adviser at Liechtenstein University and co-worker in many nature conservation foundations. He has written over 300 professional publications on ecology, agriculture, forestry and area planning.

Dr. Mario Broggi promote the Wilderness idea in some countries like Switzerland. With a Foundation he helps Mountain Wilderness in Switzerland to push forward the idea. He was the head of the Swiss Federal Research Center of Forest, Snow and Landscape. His position in the meanwhile is just to enable others to promote the idea like WWF Austria.

summaried Vlado Vancura, European Wilderness Society Deputy Chairman.

More about this fascinating Wilderness supporters can be read here: swiss-mario-broggi


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