Introducing the WildArtists: Miriam Hartmann

Wilderness can inspire people in a lot of different ways. To show how it can inspire creative minds, the European Wilderness Society is inviting 10 international artists to Synevyr Wilderness in early August. Right there, the WildArt Plein Air event takes place, which is part of a project Areas of Inspiration, funded by the Creative Europe programme. Besides an Austrian sketch artists, we also welcome Miriam Hartmann, Austrian dancer.

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Beats of the Wild

The further away from human settlement you get, the louder nature’s voice seem to become. It is the Wilderness where you can hear the natural heart beat. The WildArt Plein Air event takes the international artists into Synevyr Wilderness. It is a place where rivers flow, waterfalls rush, and forests whisper. Filled with a rich variety of life, you can hear the symphony of nature all around you. All these sounds create a unique music that Miriam Hartmann uses as inspiration for her dancing.

My passion towards Wilderness is unlimited. I love to be connected with nature and the environment. That’s also the reason, why I’m studying management of natural resources and botany.

Miriam Hartmann, dancer

By Miriam Hartmann

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  • I have to say that I could strongly feel Ms. Hartmann’s energy and passion for nature and dancing just by reading this quote. I have no doubt that she will be a great asset to your program.

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