Introducing the WildArtists: Henk Kuipers

National Nature Park Synevyr, found in western Ukraine, will host a Plein Air WildArt event in August. A group of 10 international creative minds will join the European Wilderness Society in this wild adventure. The WildArt Plein Air event is part of a project Areas of Inspiration, funded by the Creative Europe programme. Before we start our event, we want to highlight our creative artists to our Wilderness Advocates around the world. In this posting we welcome Henk Kuipers, Dutch photographer.

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A mythical lake

National Nature Park Synevyr is home to the Synevyr Wilderness, and a partner in the European Wilderness Network. Synevyr Wilderness is covered by old-growth broadleaf and conifer forests. It provides a safe refuge for native populations of all Carpathian carnivores such as brown bear, wolf, wildcat and lynx. One of the famous visitor destinations is Lake Synevyr. The lake, the largest in the Ukrainian Carpathians, holds a romantic legend of two loved ones. A young girl Syn and a cowboy Vyr fell in love, but Syn’s father did not approve this. On the fathers account, Vyr was killed. According to the legend, Syn’s tears created the lake over 200 years ago.

It will be great to experience the Wilderness around Synevyr and to meet the other artists. With passion and patience I’ll try to capture the ambiance of the Wilderness and the lake in my images.

Henk Kuipers, photographer.

Henk also visited Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness, partner in the European Wilderness Network, to find one of the wildest places in Germany. Read more in his experiences here. You can find other work of Henk Kuipers here and here.

By Henk Kuipers

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