Livestock protection in Bavaria – Online event in German

In this online event on 8 March, 20 – 22 CET, Bioland and the LIFEstockProtect team provide an interesting insight into how livestock protection works in the Abruzzo region of Italy, the current funding landscape for livestock protection in Bavaria, and what should be done when a dead animal is discovered. 

  • In the 1991 established Majella National Park in Italy’s Abruzzo region, the wolf was never extinct. Farms have adapted to the presence of wolves and also bears. How the grazing animals are protected is told by Bioland advisor Martin Hermle in his report on a field trip in September 2021.
  • Livestock protection is also supported in Bavaria. Does this apply everywhere and what is then really paid and supported and to what extent? Christoph Schinagl, Bioland consultant, reports on the current funding framework and informs what can be funded and how.
  • A dead animal on the pasture, obviously torn – and now? Stefanie Morbach from the Species and Biotope Protection Department of BUND Bayern and Manfred Wölfl from the State Office for the Environment provide information on how to proceed when a dead animal is discovered and how and through whom the affected farmers can get support.

At the end of the information evening, the speakers will give an outlook on upcoming activities of the project, especially where and when courses for practical livestock protection will be offered.

Another online event will be held on 23 February.

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