Wolf pack established on Dutch-German border

Over the last years, the number of wolf-sightings in the Netherlands increased a lot. More and more single individuals, mostly coming from Germany, are looking for a place with enough food to start a new family. Just recently, the media reported a possible settlement of a young female wolf in the north, as people found wolf tracks in the same area for several months. When this lady finds a suitable partner, it could result in one of the first Dutch wolf families. Last month, it became clear that another wolf pack established itself just 20 km from the Dutch border in Germany.

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Border hopping

In the surroundings of the German town Meppen, scientists discovered 6 newborn wolf pups. The newborns confirm the established wolf pack in the province of Lower Saxony, where now 16 wolf packs and 4 pairs live. Living just 20 kilometers from the Dutch-German border, it is very likely that this wolf pack will spend time in the Netherlands. Wolf territories can vary in size, depending on their surroundings. In rough mountainous terrain, a wolf territory can be over 800 square kilometres. On average, a wolf territory in more flat lands is about 200 km2. On the other hand, in Italy some wolf packs live on just 70 km2.

Support for livestock protection

The establishment of a wolf pack is often the best solution for human-wildlife conflicts. Single wandering wolves are often the trouble makers when it comes to livestock depredation. A wolf pack only settles when enough food is available in the area. Wild ungulates like roe deer make up the vast majority of the wolves’ diet. Often less than 1% is livestock. However, it is necessary to protect livestock properly to avoid risk of unnecessary losses to wolf predation. There are solutions offered in many European countries to support a human-wildlife coexistence, and to welcome the wolf back.

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