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New volunteer Aurélien

My name is Aurélien and I’m a new volunteer, I will stay here for 3 months. I came here because the subject of the volunteering interested me but also because I love nature and mountains and I wish to discover the Tamsweg region.  

Since I was a child, I’ve always been interested by agriculture. I already did internships in different kinds of farms in France where I was able to experiment with both intensive and extensive models of agriculture. This enabled me to understand how agriculture works and the issues surrounding it. Since I have started my studies, I have discovered how the landscapes can talk about the history of the agriculture. And understand the evolution of agricultural landscapes is very important for me to understand today’s agriculture. Later, I want to have my own farm, and my experience in landscape will help me manage this one.

I’m very interested in the subject of the return of the wolf because I was confronted with this problem in the French Alpes. My family has a little cottage in the Alps and in the nearby mountains. I have seen the impact of them on the farmers and the emergence of livestock protection. But the return of the wolf is a complicated subject and work on livestock protection interests me a lot. And I believe that working with farmers to help them deal with the return of the wolf is a necessity today.

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