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Youth Green Conference goes into the field!

The Erasmus+ Youth Green Conference 2019 is well on its way, and the participants from Ukraine and Austria had another great day filled with interesting workshops and thrilling activities! On day 1 we learned from the experts about sustainable travel, the environment, wildlife and insects. The second day we took the participants out in the field, to put their knowledge into practice!

How to respect nature?

One of the main topics on the second day of the Youth Green Conference was how to respectfully treat nature. When we discuss together how we want to make and keep Europe ‘Green’, it is important to know what we can do ourselves.

We started the morning off with a tour through the Lungau. There we visited various examples of the impact of climate change. The participants were very impressed to see how the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve has to adapt to the changing climate in the Alps. Afterwards we dedicated the rest of the day in the field. Here we learned how to behave in nature, what to pack and how to cooperate together to overcome wild obstacles!

Special guests of today invited the participants to a workshop on how to prepare for a trip. What do you actually bring in your backpack when you go hiking in nature? The participants are now ready to head into nature!

Engaging dialogues with experts and decision makers

The third and last day of the Youth Green Conference will focus on discussions with experts and decision makers from different countries and backgrounds. There will be interesting international presentations and workshops on forests in the morning. Afterwards the participants will have a World Café and group discussions. They will focus on topics including climate change, the carbon footprint and how it is to work for nature conservation. Also, we will discuss with the participants how they would like to become more actively involved to help mitigate climate change. We will focus for example on different youth activities in their own neighbourhood.

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