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The Biebrza valley needs our help!

Wetlands are disappearing from the landscape of Europe! The Biebrza National Park with the total area of 592.23 km2 is the largest national park in Poland and the largest natural wetland area of Central Europe. The Biebrza river valley became a national park 25 years ago and designated as a RAMSAR site for its unique wetland complex. Unfortunately, according to the construction plans, the S16 expressway, a section of the transnational road Via Carpatia, will cross the national park and irreversibly destroy one of Europe’s biggest wildlife refuges. By signing the petition, you can help now to save this unique ecosystem!

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The rich biodiversity of Biebrza marches

The Biebrza marches are a complex of river channels, lakes, extensive marshes and peat bogs. Because of the unique succession of habitats the area shows, it supports a rich diversity of wildlife. The vast number of marsches are natural CO2 storage and home to numerous endangered species. They provide important breeding and resting habitats for birds during their annual migrations, with more than 80% of the Polish avifauna present in the valley. As Central Europe’s largest area of natural bog and wetlands, it is protected by the Biebrza National Park and the RAMSAR convention.

The Biebrza Marshes are rich in mammal species. Moose, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, brown hare, European beaver, as well as wolf, fox, polecat, otter and weasel are present, among others. In the Biebrza river, there are approximately 36 species of fish.

The Biebrza Marshes are threatened

The Biebrza river valley is in danger! The construction of the S16 expressway will completely destroy this valuable habitat, but it doesn’t have to be this way! There is an alternative solution that bypasses the Biebrza protected areas. Help save the unique ecosystems of the Biebrza marshes by signing the petition.

Please sign the petition HERE.

People have an inflated opinion about what the Homo sapiens is capable of. We tend to be really good at damaging things and we’re not all that good at putting things right. Let us act while it’s still not too late!

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